Welcome to Regiment Group, the premier agency leader corporation (ALC) proudly affiliated with Hong Leong MSIG Takaful. At Regiment Advisory, we embody a tradition of excellence and a commitment to providing unparalleled takaful solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our clientele. 

Our agency is driven by a passion for delivering comprehensive protection and financial security through ethical and Shariah-compliant insurance products.

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Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize their needs, offering personalized guidance and support throughout their takaful journey. 









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Investing with Hong Leong Group means securing your future with a partner known for excellence, innovation, and unwavering trust.


True protection lies not just in coverage, but in the peace of mind knowing you're safeguarded by the best.


Retirement is not an end, but a new beginning, approach it with confidence, knowing you're prepared for every possibility.


Education is the foundation of a brighter future, plan wisely today to unlock limitless possibilities for tomorrow.


Medical protection is not just a safety net, but a lifeline of care and security in the face of uncertainty.

RM1,300,000 Unlimited amount of coverage is prepared.


In the twilight years, when strength may falter, our shield of old age disability protection stands strong, ensuring dignity, security, and peace of mind for every step of life's journey.

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Join our team, where determination thrives and opportunities abound. We celebrate resilience, fuel ambition, and champion those who dare to push boundaries. Together, we redefine limits and forge paths to success. If you crave a culture of innovation and unwavering support, then welcome aboard. Let's conquer together.

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Regiment Group has been exceptional in managing our takaful needs. Their comprehensive coverage and dedicated service ensure that my family and I are well-protected. We feel secure knowing that we are in good hands with Regiment Group.

SM Adam Firdaus


Choosing Regiment Group for our takaful was the best decision. Their attention to detail and prompt responses give us peace of mind. I trust them completely with our family's protection and highly recommend their services.

Siti Aisyah

UPM Tutor

I am incredibly satisfied with Regiment Group's service. They have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure our takaful is well-managed. Their dedication and reliability make them the best choice for our family's protection.

Hilmi Nordin

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Takaful is a type of Islamic insurance where members contribute money into a pool system to guarantee each other against loss or damage. It is based on the principles of mutual assistance (ta'awun) and shared responsibility (tabarru'). Unlike conventional insurance, takaful operates in accordance with Islamic law (Sharia), prohibiting elements like interest (riba), gambling (maysir), and uncertainty (gharar). Profits and losses are shared among participants, and any surplus is distributed back to the participants or reinvested for their benefit.

Regiment Group offers a variety of Takaful plans tailored to meet diverse needs. Our offerings include:

Family Takaful: Provides financial protection and savings for families, covering life, health, and education needs.

Health Takaful: Comprehensive health coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, and critical illness.

General Takaful: Coverage for property, motor vehicles, travel, and personal accident.

Retirement Takaful: Plans designed to ensure financial security and peace of mind during retirement years.

At Regiment Group, we adhere strictly to Sharia principles in all our operations. Our Sharia Advisory Board, consisting of renowned Islamic scholars and experts, oversees and ensures compliance with Islamic laws. We invest Takaful funds in Sharia-compliant ventures, avoiding prohibited activities such as those involving interest, gambling, and unethical practices. Our transparent process and regular audits ensure that all funds are managed ethically and responsibly, providing our clients with peace of mind and financial security.

There is a common concern that modern Takaful products may not be fully compliant with Islamic principles. At Regiment Group, we take these concerns very seriously. Our Takaful products are designed and operated in strict accordance with Sharia law. This involves:

Sharia Advisory Board: We have a dedicated Sharia Advisory Board comprising respected Islamic scholars who ensure that all aspects of our Takaful operations are fully compliant with Islamic principles. They review and approve our products, investments, and operational processes.

Ethical Investments: The funds collected through Takaful contributions are invested in Sharia-compliant avenues. We avoid investments in businesses that deal with alcohol, gambling, interest-based financial institutions, and other activities prohibited by Islam.

Transparent Operations: Our operations are transparent and regularly audited to ensure that they adhere to Islamic guidelines. We provide clear documentation and reports to our clients, outlining how their contributions are managed and utilized.

Mutual Assistance: Takaful operates on the principle of mutual assistance and shared responsibility. Participants contribute to a pool system to help each other in times of need, which aligns with the Islamic values of brotherhood and community support.

At Regiment Group, we are committed to upholding the integrity of Takaful by ensuring that our products and services meet the highest standards of Sharia compliance, providing you with financial protection and peace of mind that aligns with your faith.